Vlog #2

https://youtu.be/71eeMEyYd-8 I'm just trying to get to grips with speaking to a camera and how this whole vlogging and video editing thing works so bear with me on this but also I hope you enjoy it. Absolutely any constructive criticism would be 100% valuable for me pls. Thx.

My Fear of Unhealthy Goals

Yes, it sounds strange. How on earth can you make unhealthy fitness goals?! But yes, it's a fear my little overactive brain can't shake. I worry endlessly. That's a given. (But yes I'm trying to get better). Anyhow, another worry I had to have, of course, was how my mental health was going to be... Continue Reading →

My Current Fitness Routine

So this is the 4th week, for me, on Kayla Itsines' BBG (Bikini Body Guide). This is probably the most exercise I've ever done post-quitting-the-county-swim-team 6 years ago and for sure is the longest programme I've ever managed to stick with. Well... I say that. But there has been a few hiccups. We'll get to... Continue Reading →

What We Do When We’re Together

Seeing my family, each time it comes around - whether Christmas or Summer - is often long anticipated but always feels short lived. Yet every time that we see each other, it's as though nothing has changed. After I've been shown all the latest and greatest memes, with my brothers it's as though I've never... Continue Reading →


They thought our love was kindling; Of brittle substance and ready to burn out But then they didn't know the reason why Our love has always stuck around Because we aren't a woodpile burning We're a wildfire engulfed in flames A love so intense and full of sparks Not just sticks all-too-willing to be tamed.... Continue Reading →


Please make me a heart that loves; A heart that craves justice and is humble That learns to tolerate and give more that I receive And never ever grumbles. Make me a child with a willingness to learn; A spirit of which you are proud That brings rainbows to grey skies of sleet And silver... Continue Reading →


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