I’m going to buy a Segway

The last thing I thought I'd be doing on my writing holiday in Madrid was take a Segway tour. I want one. The freedom. The ease. The movement. Madrid is beautiful! Absolutely stunning. We took a tour of the palace and parks surrounding it and it was so beautiful!


What precious time we have to chill. Stay still. Don't fill your head with the nonsense That drives a constant circle in your mind. You get behind on life Because your stuck in the line Of people waiting for a better future. You don't know her You know you. There is nothing you can do... Continue Reading →

I need a spring clean

I mean with snow on the ground in the middle of March, it's sure doesn't feel like spring. But the little glimpse we got after our last bout of snow has made me take a look at where I'm heading. Yes, a change of the seasons means a re-evaluation of myself and what I do.... Continue Reading →

“your first half-marathon…”

I heard that you would die. But I also heard a lot of people managed it and as I stood in the crippling cold for 1.5 hours, my toes slowly losing consciousness and my fingers following shortly after, and watched every shape and size of man and woman take a space within their race pens,... Continue Reading →

my new writing process…

Writing for a job is strange. I couldn't have predicted it. But it seems weird when something that was your life's main passion becomes the reason you want money. It seems weird to take enjoyment from my job but more so to have the seamless transition between what I do for a living and what... Continue Reading →

I know nothing…

It shouldn't have been shocking how little I knew about Roman history. I knew very little about history at all past the Tudors and even then I still got lost in the names of Henry's 6 wives despite the fact that I had loved that period of history and for a while was obsessed with... Continue Reading →


Rome is just so unassuming. I think that's where it's charm comes from. There are monuments and statues dotted all over the map - points of interest that would seem huge and very significant - but also very hard to find.I remember when Kem and I found out that our hotel was 30 minutes from... Continue Reading →

hand of god.

The electricity of life Hums through the chasm where the hand of God stretches for Adam. In the space of their parting; A privilege departing The reconciliation of human and creator happens.


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