Stolen Drugs and Legal Highs 

If you watched the lights for long enough, they jumped. Silver, red, blue, gold and white lights paving the way further than the horizon and jittering like termites. The roads came together like a plate of stir-fried udon, down which the 8 million motorbikes - their movements studding the lanes like strings of fairy lights... Continue Reading →


Shots Fired 

I held the AK47, locked my shoulder into position and shot at his command: 5 bullets firing wildly the hill in the distance. I knew that I would never shoot a gun again. Naturally there is a lot of information to be learnt in Vietnam about war and the atrocity of man. I have learnt... Continue Reading →

Love, At Last 

​It was like a city of surgeons. Most people walked with clinical masks pinned behind their ears and across their faces, others choosing a thicker and patterned material which was more like a miniature face quilt above which their eyes pierced the world outside.   However, despite the Vietnamese's polluted breathing, I managed just fine.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Rice 

​What I have come to appreciate about the Vietnamese is their resourcefulness. Everything they have is used and everything that exists has a purpose. From grains of rice, which are ground and fed to chickens and used as fertilisers, sent to be turned into rice cakes, crushed to be made into rice milk which, in... Continue Reading →

Life is No Less Precious

Vietnam: Day 2 ​It is important to know, at least, a few words. There is nothing better (in my mind, anyway) than breaking the boundaries of tourist-ship and becoming a bit more integrated in a culture. It helps you to adjust.  I knew just 2 words in Vietnamese; 'hello' and 'thank you'. They took a... Continue Reading →

No. 8: Vietnam 

​It was weird that I strove so hard to lead a simple existence. Inevitably I often failed but as I found myself again in an airport lounge on Boxing Day heading to my 8th country of the year, I knew that I was incredibly lucky.  I absolutely love travelling for the fact of how simple... Continue Reading →

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