I Made It Through My First Week

The priveledge is insane. I can't even explain how amazing this week has been. But why? Because I'm: In an office in london, Working 9.5 HOURS a week In accounting and bookkeeping software ... when I am self confessed aspiring author and creative personality. So why? Why? Why? Why? I could have asked myself that... Continue Reading →


Clueless Worker Bee

By 9am I was already thinking that the cheese bagel I had in my bag would be the best part of my day. I was hot. Boiling, in fact. Sweating through my cotton shirt lugging my 10kg HP laptop over the hills of North London, onto a crowded tube and through St Paul's churchyard. There's... Continue Reading →

If You Only Go to Church Once …

Oh goodness! It's Sunday and that meant only 1 thing for me: church time! I absolutely love going to church so much (which potentially sounds strange for everyone that doesn't go to church, but just about right for everyone that does). I love it. Love it, love it, love it! But I didn't always. I... Continue Reading →


Yas! So here I am again, another month down. I can't even believe that it's September. It's insane but also so awesome because autumn is 100% my favourite season ever and though I love the summer, I'm in love with the autumn. Yeah, that kind of love. So so much has happened for me this... Continue Reading →

Teaching Myself To See

I've played that game with myself; partly because I enjoy scaring myself and partly because the fear makes me appreciate what I have. What sense could you not live without? My eyesight. No question. I would absolutely hate being blind to the point where I would not actually know how to come back from the... Continue Reading →

Sore Thumbs

I am the sore thumb. I stick out. I decided to go up to the park and draw the city from the hill. It was something I had been doing lately - a good way to hone in my perspective skills for drawing. So I sat there sketching and on the bench beside me a... Continue Reading →

Baring All

(An easy Sunday ramble read.) * It wasn't unusual for me to ponder the plausibility, truthfulness and very existence of my spirit animal on my morning run. My mind could wander. Far. I was a wolf. I'd worked out that much by going to a GCSE art exhibition at the age of 17. How, you... Continue Reading →

Travel in the Time of Terror

So I had this post lined up a while ago but I put it off for a lack of motivation because somehow the content of the post seemed: stupid. irrelevant. non-applicable. And then it became apparent that terror attacks whilst you were holidaying in Europe and other places was actually not as unlikely as it... Continue Reading →


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