The most relaxed morning ever…

Is it Saturday today? I kept saying this in my head. I was so calm - unlike the usual sense of rushing and counting down to the weekend which came on a Wednesday morning. I felt so relaxed. Practicing yoga has changed my life. I believe that God was the first to change it and... Continue Reading →


God’s time.

I don’t think I ever really realised how to put trust in God’s time. I didn’t really know until hindsight hit, that I could probably attribute most time to God. Things didn’t happen because God was preparing me. But at the time it felt as though I was doing things blind. Recently, I’ve been relying... Continue Reading →

What PRIDE means to me…

I love pride week/month. I feel like it's such a lovely time for people to get together and really challenge what love means. Not only that but to understand and spread acceptance of diversity and differences in personal choices. But more than what it means for my sexuality, pride also means a lot from my... Continue Reading →

2 years today…

2 years today I was getting on a plane and bidding my goodbyes to a city I had a love-hate relationship. Despite that, it was an experience I think of only with warmness. 2 years ago today I left Buenos Aires and return back to England, to my Nan's house, where life began all too... Continue Reading →


Now I say quiet explicitly that I don't like art museums and I say with even more stubbornness that I don't like modern art. But for all my grievances, there is something about the colour and livelihood that makes my imagination come alive. Bodies everywhere. There is something about the human form captured in all... Continue Reading →

I’m going to buy a Segway

The last thing I thought I'd be doing on my writing holiday in Madrid was take a Segway tour. I want one. The freedom. The ease. The movement. Madrid is beautiful! Absolutely stunning. We took a tour of the palace and parks surrounding it and it was so beautiful!

What precious time we have to chill. Stay still. Don't fill your head with the nonsense That drives a constant circle in your mind. You get behind on life Because your stuck in the line Of people waiting for a better future. You don't know her You know you. There is nothing you can do... Continue Reading →

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