Why Taylor Swift Fighting for $1 is So Significant

I've never liked Taylor Swift. Yep, you heard right. She just didn't do it for me. I would not shake it off, I never felt 22 until my birthday this year and I didn't need a Romeo and Juliet re-enactment of a relationship. I just didn't get her. It was nothing personal but I didn't... Continue Reading →


Backtracking On Cruelty-Free

Perhaps it's because I'm getting older; less tolerant, so they say. Or perhaps I have found my voice - the more preferable option. But I find more and more than there are things that just enrage me and things which I cannot agree with in any way. So why am I getting aggy this time? Well... Continue Reading →

Post-Graduation Panic

(Published with the Graduate Recruitment Bureau). If you’re anything like me - slightly deranged and illogical at times - you might have thought that you wouldn’t make it to your graduation; that the concept of ending university and ever having an actual well-paid adult job in the wide professional world, was a fate you would never... Continue Reading →

CATCALLING, Pt. I: Should We Enjoy It?

(N.B. Now, I’m definitely not here to tell you what to do and it would be unrealistic of me to expect you to change your views according to my demands that you should not like catcalling. I’m simply here to highlight the issues with catcalling and the fact that we should be acting upon this... Continue Reading →

Fleshing Out the Bones of Society

Today France put its new law into action: models will be required to have a letter from their doctor stating that their BMI is healthy, before they are allowed on the catwalk. It was a bill that was passed in the country two years ago in 2015, behind Europe’s body positive champions; Italy and Spain,... Continue Reading →


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