Italy, Whatcha Saying?

Four older women sat on a bench beneath the Swiss flag on the promenade. They were colour coordinated in shirts - a tribute to the Italian stylishness - One pink, lime green, pink and lime green.  They sung Italian, jeering "Ciao" to whoever they knew who walked by and engaging in a rapid fire exchange... Continue Reading →


Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. 

Northern Italy was the kind of place I created in games. Endless hours' work of sticking shops and houses and rivers together to create a magical old fashioned town that oozed character and pizzazz. Lake Como already had that down to a 'T'. They had made it before I had even thought of it.  I... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Vegan in Lake Como

So it appears I may have overstepped the mark a little when I said that Italy was "ok" for vegans.  "Anyway, Italy turns out to be alright for vegans ..." In fact, it turns out to be SUPERB!  Since being here I've found:  Vegan cheese  Tofu Seitan burgers Vegan salad dressing and mayo  Vegan ice... Continue Reading →

Quick post: Vegan in Lake Como 

So I've been in Italy less than 24 hours and I'm surprised to see that they actually have an alright selection of vegan goods. By 'alright' I mean: easy to find vegan produce in mainstream supermarkets.  We went to the Lido in Menaggio today, where we have our villa, and the menu consisted of things... Continue Reading →

First Glance at the Lago (Lake Como)

The first thing about Italy was the mountains. Milan is snow-peaked, cloud-touching and rugged. Unusual, I thought, since in my mind this city is clothes. Rather than natural mountains I was more thinking luxury items and a mountain range made of shopping centres and crafted, not by God over millions of years, but Louis Vuitton.... Continue Reading →

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