Birthday Weekend 

Suddenly I was back in India meandering up mountainsides with considerably less security barriers that this. I was back in Bolivia overtakering coaches at speed on the hillside in the dark with a cheap bus company. I was in the car with my dad turning a 180 half way up a desert rock in the... Continue Reading →


Thoughts from Roque Nublo

I needed to know how inconsequential I was. How insignificant. How tiny. How fragile. So fragile that if I fell from where I sat I would die. So insignificant that no one even knew I was here. So tiny that I would leave this world having barely made a mark. I wanted to sit here... Continue Reading →

What I Did Today

Sometimes you just get those days of absolute bliss and today was my day for it. I very rarely do "What I Did Today" posts because they probably don't belong in writing, rather on YouTube, but today was just unmissable and I just feel so good for it that I want to tell you all... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Holidays

I have many friends and, even, family for whom the holidays mean max out work; revision, homework and essays.  At the start of my degree I was the same. I was in a very comparative mindset where everything I did was measured against what my friends did. I always wanted to trump them. Do more... Continue Reading →

Snails at the Seaside 

Having to drop out of the Southampton half marathon was one of the most demoralizing things that could have happened to me. 4 months in and I feel like 2017 has really tested me in ways both physical and emotional and being unable to run was really one of those that tested my patience.  It... Continue Reading →

Sunny Worries

A couple of months back I bought a book called: "How to not give a f**k" when it became all too apparent that my worrying was incessant and I wanted to do something about it. Months on, whilst I've only half finished the book, the techniques I learnt still linger in my mind.  The thing... Continue Reading →

Life is a Carnival 

This was quite possibly the best way to spend my final revision break - no, not revising, not writing essays or stressing about the fact that I had less than 2 months left at uni but in Spain in the middle of a carnival; dancing to reggaeton with a load people dressed as lifeguards, the... Continue Reading →

The Beach is a Band 

Music is my life. At home I cannot imagine a day without it. Even a few hours without any kind of melody and I feel empty. It's the first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning and it never gets turned off until I go to bed. I walk with... Continue Reading →

Puppies in Your Tummy 

For the first time in forever I looked down at the little pooch that had formed from a few days of eating yummy food in the sun and I thought, you know what: you are perfect. You are exactly as you were meant. You don't have that 'perfect' flat belly and yet that little roll... Continue Reading →

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