Auf Wiedersehen

My heart only felt heavy and plagued with a sense that I was not done. It wasn't a good feeling to be leaving Berlin and even less comforting to think that I would, in a matter of hours, be alone in a student house in Southampton.  The time I was going back to was a... Continue Reading →


The Clash 

I think what I find so brilliant and inspirational about Berlin is the clash. It's as though everything you could think of, every little detail of life and every theme, is combined somehow in a beautiful symphony.  There's the history - and a tonne of it at that! The Berlin Wall, Holocaust museum, Brandenburger Gate.... Continue Reading →

Waves of change

For me it's quite amazing how travel has changed. This past few years, my mind has just been overwhelmed by the prospect of travelling in another country.  For a while, because of family holidays, my travels were always purpose driven and always created on my parents schedule. At those times, holiday was about tanning and... Continue Reading →


I think that it was mainly due to tiredness that I couldn't really compute the fact that I was in Berlin.  9 1/2 hours on a night bus that rocketed through Polish countryside and straight into a grey Berlin without a border check, everything seemed to be going so fast and I hadn't really had... Continue Reading →

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