Hello! I’m Laura; a 22 year old English and Spanish graduate!

Plane Ride Stitches is the virtual allotment of my mind. It’s where I throw all my ideas and hope that something comes of them. They are little seeds that I hope you will find insightful, entertaining and enjoyable but, if not, at the least, I hope that you find them different.

Plane Ride Stitches is the name I gave this blog which I started when I began to miss Argentina. The phrase is completely made up but it still has a meaning. Plane Ride Stitches is a feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you miss a country. When your heart feels as though it is tearing with the fullness of memories; when you are just bursting with a longing to travel and the only way that you can save yourself, the only way that you can patch that hole; stitch that wound, is if you take a plane ride back there – or onto your next adventure.

I feel like, if you’re going to understand anything that I write about, you might benefit from knowing a little bit more about me.


I’m a massive traveller and have also lived in Argentina and Dubai – so I write a bit about that.

I’m also vegan and love sharing my food finds!

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m a bit weird, a big feminist and aspiring journalist/ writer so there’s all that to look forward to too! So hop on in and come and enjoy the world with me!


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