This Month’s Goals + Update: AUGUST

(WARNING: This is a long one.)

So whatdya know… it’s August the first and it’s round two for the monthly goal setting! Now July was the first time that I ever did this ‘goal setting’ which is now becoming a monthly feature on my blog. So I had a little look back at the goals I set for July and …

I’ve completed them all!!!

Totally completely unlike me but seeing as it worked so well I thought: I’ve got to keep doing this.

They always say (particularly in the creative/ writing industries) that setting deadlines is the key to your success. I’ve found that with writing in the past and now I’ve found that it’s true with my life!

But before I jump into this month’s goals I thought it would be good to reflect on what I have actually achieved:

  1. Get a job ✔. So I was super super lucky and managed to get to the final stages of 2 jobs that I really felt were right for me. Unfortunately I didn’t get one of them but I actually did manage to secure a position with the more-suited-to-me of the 2 in London as a Creative Campaign Associate. So that means my days are gonna be chock FULL of writing and I’m so happy I can finally put my writing to a professional use. 100% was not expecting to have a job by the end of the month!
  2. Improve my fitness ✔. I decided to take my fitness really seriously this month and as a result I have fallen in love with fitness. Literally. Today was the first day ever that I decided to splash out on a new sports bra and leggings. I’m watching more Whitney Simmons and Grace Fit UK a day than is probably healthy. I’m running 3 days a week. Weight training 3 days a week. And have my eye on a nice pair of Gymshark leggings and new Nike gym training shoes. 👌
  3. Find a gym ✔. Turns out that there are tonnes of places to workout in London and as fate would have it, there is a Pure Gym right near me! I’ve also done a little try run in the park near my house to test that for runs. So everything in this area is looking just swell!
  4. Write another short story ✔. Yes, thank the heavens. I managed to write another story! I was suffering so severely with writer’s block that I feared I would never be able to write again. So after some intense reading and online tutorials and prompts I’ve managed to write the 7th out of 8 stories for my collection!!!
  5. Style up my blog ✔. So this is one of the first things I did this month. I’ve changed the logo and layout (in case you hadn’t noticed) and I’ve decided to change the content by adding more reviews and I have even now starting vlogging to bring this to life. I love the new layout and it has motivated me to write even more, which I’m trying to do every day!

So, let’s move on from all that and start building.

August, are you ready? Because this is what’s going down …

So this month there are 4 goals for me to work on starting with:

  1. Spend less time on social media

In Lent I decided to clear up my mind a little and I deleted a lot of the social media outlets that’s I use. I only stuck to Instagram. It was hard but very good for me. Slowly, as I’ve lifted the ban, all my social media has made reappearance from Twitter to Snapchat to Tumblr. I do 100% realise the importance of social media in this day and age but I find it very hard to work it into my healthy lifestyle. So I’d like to give it up, for a little bit anyway. I’m pledging to use social media less.

  1. Finish my final story

This month has felt like such a marathon when it comes to my writing. Marathon? ULTRAMARATHON. My brain felt so frazzled and fried and I really had to get into a good routine and make myself write. I had to redraft and recreate but I now have a piece that I’m happy with. All that’s left is to write. One. More. Story.

  1. Clean up my diet

Now that fitness is a big part of my life I’m realising how important my diet is in keeping the progress I’ve made in the gym and outside. I want to keep those muscles and build them more. More importantly I want to properly nourish my body and care for it in the best way I know how.

I need to commit to returning vegan, intuitively eating and eat more wholefoods which are nutritiously dense.

  1. Increase my muscle

So I am super super stoked to be moving to a new area and really pushing myself into a training regime. I really want to work on increasing muscle in order to have some good definition by the end of this month!

So here’s to August. Chin chin.

And if you feel like you could challenge yourself this month then join me and let me know how you did!


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