What We Do When We’re Together

Seeing my family, each time it comes around – whether Christmas or Summer – is often long anticipated but always feels short lived. Yet every time that we see each other, it’s as though nothing has changed. After I’ve been shown all the latest and greatest memes, with my brothers it’s as though I’ve never left. And after we’ve filled each other in on the immediately important details of our lives, life is normal with mum and dad.

This is one of the few times when ‘normal’ is more than acceptable and actually perfect.

So, what do we do when we’re together?

We chat. We eat. We watch TV. We walk. We explore. We do our own thing.

That is something I love about my family and something that makes when they leave even harder. I can get quite comfortable with the life that I build around them when they are here in the summer. I lean on them more than I normally would if they were not here. When they leave, it’s as though I limp. Remembering how life was before and finding new things to motivate myself.

I think that’s half of the beauty when my family come. I realign the purpose of life. When it’s just me, I write and I write and I read and I walk. A lot of what I do is for me. And then there’s friends. And then a lot of what we do is for us. Whilst when they’re here; my fam, I still do my own thing, I am more willing to give up on myself to drive with them to the shops. Menial things that I normally wouldn’t be too interested in turn into opportunities to spend more time with them.

Time becomes precious. Any time I take not in the same room as them seems like a waste. I have to be in their presence.

In actuality, the best thing is that what we do when we’re together is what we know to do best. We do our thing. We do what motivates us. We continue to develop ourselves. We work on our goals; versions of our best selves. We do what makes us happy.

I was happy, I just can’t look super cool and edgy …

It’s strange that a collective ‘being-your-self’ might be any different and any better than doing it alone.

So how we act is nothing different. What we do, on an average day, is not monumental. But what we have is something so special.

But some days we do do something special, like last night’s trip to The Royal for a celebratory dinner!

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